We won the Excellence Award!


Taking Thrown to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was such a thrill. We really got to put the show through its paces, perform to a huge variety of audiences, and we had some beautiful, thoughtful reviews- including FOUR STARS from THE SCOTSMAN.

The icing on the Tunnocks Tea Cake was winning The Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence - in association with Junk Yard Dogs. It means that Thrown will be part of Brighton Fringe 2019 - A city and a festival that we hold dear in our hearts. 

Thrown is written by award-winning playwright, Jodi Gray, and told through binaural sound technology. Based on collected testimony from our ACE supported outreach program, the show is a sensory and cinematic reverie on conciousness, mortality and the tales we've all survived to tell. 


(Frank's the bloke in the middle)

He's a microphone. A binural microphone to be... well, to be frank. 
We've been experimenting with Frank as a way to enhance the live (and online) audience experience.
Did you know we live stream our performances? And Frank means that the online audience gets the exact same aural experience as our live audience? No? Head over to our YOUTUBE channel to learn more!
Because audience begins with audio afterall. With listening. 
So let us tell you a story.


Binaural sound allows us to create a personal surround sound for each audience member - using a microphone shaped like a human head. If the performer whispers in the right ear of the microphone, the audience - wearing headphones - will hear the story being whispered into their right ear. If that audience member was to close their eyes, they might even be able to imagine that the performer is by their side, whispering only to them. They might even imagine their breath on their skin... 

Hear binaural sound in action in this short clip - put some headphones on!


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Guaranteed: Moody imagery, obsessive musings about theatre and form, and an insight into our working practices as we shift our creative focus from magical realism to sensory technology. 


T H E   R E C O R D   O F   L I V I N G  -  B I N A U R A L   S T O R Y T E L L I N G 

"The emergence of live-streaming platforms like Facebook Live suggested an interesting shift away from the ‘watch this and you’ll feel like this’ click-bait media, and towards a more risky, intimate, and immediate relationship with an audience. So, it seemed like the perfect fit for our theatre work.

Theatre companies our size have to fight for every opportunity to get our work seen - and those opportunities usually come with staggeringly high theatre rental fees, unsustainable box office splits, or small runs which make it almost impossible to engage with new audiences or pay ourselves and our artists properly.

Using new technology like this means that we can hopefully grow the company, our audience, and our work on our own terms. It’s a really exciting experiment." Jill Rutland

Watch our very first live stream performance!


This video is a very early draft of what eventually went on to become Thrown, our current show.


The performance was streamed live from a secret location in Brighton to an invited audience. It also marked the end of our first Arts Coucil supported research and development program.


So that's a lot of firsts that this performance marks.