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a binaural sound project exploring life-changing moments through community outreach and digital simulcasts.


T H E   P R O J E C T  |  explores the moment of change that occurs when we are thrown, unwittingly, from childhood to adulthood, and the scars that we may still carry with us from that time. 

T H R O W N  |  marks an exciting departure for us from our usual way of working. Moving away from the traditional script and the traditional theatre building, and moving towards multi-narrative, multi-sensory work that can be broadcast live from whatever performance space we choose.

T H I S   M E A N S  |  the established monetary cost of making and seeing theatre, both for us and for our audience, disappears.  We are free to create live performance whenever we like, for however long we like. A performance could last for 2 minutes, or 2 hours, or 2 days. And our audience can choose to watch live, or explore previous narratives, wherever they are, for as long they want or need.


For this research and development phase of the project, which is being supported by Arts Council England, we will be visiting and working with community groups in and around the South East, collecting and documenting memories and stories from everyone we meet. What we hope to finish with is a Living Record of experience that might - just might - be able to compete with funny cat videos, and provide a little bit of humanity in a time when humanity seems quite hard to find.

Keep checking here for updates, or alternatively follow the journey on our facebook, twitter and youtube pages:



Our first venture into the world of Facebook Live happened in the back room of a small converted church in Hove. We travelled to the Hop 50+ to meet the volunteers and participants of this wonderful community resource for older people in and around Brighton and Hove. And we couldn't have asked for better company. The workshop was programmed as part of Brighton Digital Festival and our aim was to try and get as many participants onto Facebook Live to tell their thrown story to the younger audience. As usual, the stories we heard were remarkable. Sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying, but always brave, intimate, and incredibly moving.






Jodi is a playwright and screenwriter. She is currently on attachment at the Oxford Playhouse as part of their Playmaker scheme, and is Associate Artist with Vanner Collective. Plays include SSA, The Front Room, Reach Out and Touch Me, You Could Move, hookup and Affection (all Outbox Theatre Company, in London and on tour); Spent. and How to Find Us (Oxford School of Drama at Soho Theatre) and Like I Care (ArtsEd).


Chris is a sound designer whose work has ranged from experimental new work to large scale No.1 Touring Musicals. Chris also works as a Sound and Video Technician, having worked for the Young Vic, Hampstead Theatre, English Touring Opera, Park Theatre, Hightide Festival, Gate Theatre, Kings Head Theatre and Ovalhouse Theatres.


Jess is an experienced independent producer and project manager, who has fundraised over 100k in the last two years. Jessica has a particular interest in audience development and community engagement. She is Artistic Director of Spun Glass Theatre and Strategic Producer of Root Experience.


Simon is the Artistic Director of Root Experience and has been training Living Record Productions in community outreach and safeguarding skills to enable them to confidently run community projects that will surround the project in the future.


James is the producer of The Old Market and TOMTech and is mentoring the artistic and production development of the project, particularly the use of binaural sound & simulcasts of live performance. 





We have just completed the first stage of our R+D, conducting a week-long series of community workshops gathering childhood stories and memories which will become the basis for the kaleidoscope of performance texts.








Christine (L) and Dot (R) were real inspirations for us. 

The project also takes inspiration from the philosophy of Martin Heidegger, most notably his theories of thrownness and fallenness:

1. Thrownness: That we have no say in where we are born or to who - we are simply thrown into the world. The choice we have to make is whether we are happy to stay within these limits, strive to break away from them, or simply learn to cope. 

2.  Fallenness: That we have somehow become happy to be distracted with meaningless 'content', rather than searching for meaningful connection.



We have always maintained that this production would not be verbatim. We love verbatim performance, but we wanted to make sure that the emphasis was on the stories themselves and not the people. These stories are universal. At some point we all had to grow up. What we did want to do is honour the people who shared their stories with us. What does that mean? We wanted to reflect them. To show them at their most creative. Sometimes that meant adding colour - not making things up - but colouring the parts of their story they only sketched. We wanted to meet them creatively - to own the stories as fully and bravely as they do.